We Knew This Was Coming

Is the NRA still relevant? They couldn’t defeat Barack, so clearly they must be.  They point out that sportsmen turned out for McCain at the same rate they turned out for Bush in 2004.  Here’s what the politicians need to understand: no gun control.  Unless they want us to turn out in 2010 like we did in 1994.  There won’t be any Lightworker driving Democrat turnout then.

6 thoughts on “We Knew This Was Coming”

  1. I’ve been losing sleep over this.

    2010 will determine it all I fear…………………

    If you read the Brady statement carefully, by their own admission, Obama’s win had nothing to do with the gun issue.

  2. Civil disobedience to unjust laws is a watchword of our democracy.

    I remember the old 60s question “What if they gave a war and nobody came?”

    Well, what if they pass laws and no one complies. How much of that civil disobedience stuff are they willing to absorb?

    We need to send the message: “Vote for disarming America and kiss your career goodbye.”

  3. Check out Countertop’s analysis – Waxman is coming… With Waxman comes the Consumer Products Safety Commission jurisdiction over firearms. If Waxman wins, expect a gun show ban and a gun control orgy.

  4. Well then, if Waxman gets in, why not just grind the tiny wheels of the economy here to a halt. Don’t BUY consumer products. In fact….

    They keep talking about bring the economy back…well why not just KILL IT completely, don’t do ANYTHING for a while The government’s lifeblood is money and power over others, to kill this monster you have to remove its food.

    They won’t forclose on your house, they want to stop that so it’s “fair” If enough people are awakened they’ll be no economic activity.


  5. Tom, your comments are unwarranted. The only thing to kill here is your fear and the fear you would like to propogate. The president elect was not my first choice but it is clear that he has a innate sense of right and wrong. He is a praisworthy asset to this country in a world convinced we’d sooner elect Machine Gun Kelly into office than a fair and willing world collaborator. Why would you slice off your own nose to spite your face. Elect a rep. that shares your beliefs or run for office yourself. That’s the way our system does work in The United States of America. Please don’t incite riotous behaviour with the message to KILL our government. Face it, the US is still in it’s infancy. Work within the system, not as a rogue.

    -an architect in Birmingham, Alabama

  6. kill the economy to make your political opponents look bad? What ever happened to country first? I don’t know about you, but I live in America, and I like having a healthy economy. It means I have a job, which means I can buy things I want, like guns.

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