Cartooning Tragedy

I might lose my gun nut street creds over this one, but I agree with Dan Wasserman that his cartoon isn’t tasteless.  I don’t think Wasserman and I would have much to agree with when it comes to “the gun lobby” or what kind of age limits should be put on what, or whether this is even something that needs to be legislated at all, but political cartoonists satirize society.  That’s what they do.  You can disagree with the message, but I think Wasserman is in the clear here when it comes to a charge of tastelessness.

4 thoughts on “Cartooning Tragedy”

  1. The cartoon is fine, what is disgusting is this sentiment: “It is an attempt to express my outrage that we, as a society, permit an 8-year old to fire an Uzi.”

    ‘Society permit.’ So society is responsible and society has to correct it’s flaw. To him, and like minded people, it’s not an individual failure, it’s not an individual’s negligence. It is ‘society.’ So it’s society that has responsibilities and duties and, presumably, rights. Hang all that individual mindset, then. Let me correct that sentence above:

    “It is an attempt to express my outrage that they, a father and a range instructor, permit an 8-year old to fire an Uzi.”

    I am shocked at the individuals negligence, but it’s not my fault. Or the rest of society. When you can put society in jail for negligent manslaughter, THEN I might go along.

  2. Well, for the record I question you gun nut street cred, but that’s another discussion.

    The cartoon is purely an ANTI move. Facts…the guy is a doctor and the head of an ER, not some camo wearing redneck as depicted, in order to promote the stupid bumpkin stereotype. If the aim was to satirize SOCIETY the stupid ass father would have been depicted as such, not as he was.

    You want to satirize society draw a cartoon of the cartoonist drawing this while waiting inside an abortion clinic for his wife. The fact that they’re using this accident as an excuse to further ridicule and blame gun owners and users while promoting, no, DEMANDING the “choice” to kill 40+ million children is sickening.

    Nothing but pure anti-propaganda here.

  3. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Tom :) But I don’t really disagree with you about the cartoon reflecting anti-gun sentiment, but I don’t think it’s tasteless.

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