Straight Talk Express Takes Gunfire

I agree with this blogger that if the Obama bus had taken gunfire, it would be all over the news media.  But hey, the media has an election to win.

UPDATE: You know, I can’t find any independent corroboration for this story.  It’s only reported by one blogger, and not even local media is reporting on it.  I can buy the media burying an important story, but no media reports from anywhere?   That’s a bit harder to buy.  Take this one with a grain of salt.

9 thoughts on “Straight Talk Express Takes Gunfire”

  1. “If it’s too good or too bad to be true…”

    Yeah, I’d like to see slightly better coverage of this. I can easily believe the paintballs, but I find it hard to believe someone could identify the effect of a .22 against glass, as opposed to a BB gun, rock kicked up by the road or even a particularly hard paintball.

  2. rightwingprof, that’s the same source JammieWearingFool is linking in the above story’s link.

  3. Yeah, it’s all going back to that one source. I haven’t found any media stories about it at all. You’d think at least one local paper would report something like that, and you’d also think the Secret Service would be looking for them as well.

  4. I though it was bunk because the source said he heard that the Straight Talk exprsss bus sans candidates had a broken window. No confirmation from campaign or the police.

  5. Mark Williams, the original blogger of this story, has updated his site to confirm that the Secret Service has no record of this incident. Also, the McCain camp has said they have no knowledge of it. Nor do the local police. This can quite likely be added to the bin with the Ashley Todd story. Just another lesson for us to really do our double-checking and research when it comes to any story but most especially when it originates online. Onwards to Nov 4th!

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