13 thoughts on “The Latest Palin Manufactured Controversy”

  1. Don’t forget that she spends money to dress nicely for functions.

    I seem to recall talk about haircuts and expensive clothes supposedly being ‘distractions’ from the real issues.

  2. BINGO !!
    Another “Diversionary Tactic” by the Democraps !

    It is like all the polls are a lie and in reality B-HO is really behind !
    Interesting thought – Don’t you think ?

  3. For some curious reason almost no one in the media wants to discuss tax consequences of the little trip to Kenya Sen. Obama took back in 2006. That trip — paid in full U.S. taxpayers — was almost entirely spent on rallies in support of Raila Odinga, who since then has thrown Kenya into the worst crisis it has seen for half a century, orchestrated genocide and planned to turn Kenya into an Islamic state. No one seems to be interested in discussing this expense, perhaps because the Odinga connection could cost Sen. Obama the election if it gets truly exposed by mass media. Odinga’s “Agent of Change” motto is too hard to miss:


  4. i should have paid more attation to the commerical but I think that I just saw a commerical that was telling childern to tell there parernts to vote for Obama.
    At the end was a Cute Girl saying she will drive you to the polls..

    This commerical is in NC.

  5. And if she’d left the children behind? She’d be putting her professional life before the needs of her kids, and they’d tar her for that.
    Is anyone going to tell me with a straight face that they didn’t know the Governor had kids before they elected her? And that, yes, she’d continue to actually BE a mother, rather than just shunt them off to some boarding school during her term, like some…democrat?

    Hey, while these kids continue to receive the care and guidance of their mother on these ‘field-trips’, they are probably also getting some good insight into what it takes to enter political life, and might be learning valuable lessons about how our system of government works…did anyone ever think of that? I have to think it’s a hell of a lot better investment of taxpayer dollars than bailing out a bunch of failed banking fat-cats!

  6. It’s a relatively small amount of money, but I know it does give me pause for the reason that I like to visit my family halfway across the country, but I can’t afford to more than once or twice a year, and that’s with plane tickets that cost way less than the several thousand dollars Palin would spend on each of these trips for the 3 daughters’ tickets. I know a lot of people are in the same situation, and not too many Alaskans were able to afford more than $20k for their kids’ travel in the past two years.

    Public officials need to be stewards of the taxpayers’ cash and more careful with it than they would with their own; by all means she should have brought the kids along, but since she was making over $100,000 with the governor’s salary, she should have laid out the cash for their commercial plane tickets herself. It’s fine to take her daughter to NYC, but staying in a $700 a night hotel for four nights on the taxpayer’s dime is a bit much. When I go to NYC, I always agonize over the cost of the hotel room and stay in something I get on Priceline.

    She did sell that jet, though, which helps excuse this.

  7. Obviously the issue is NOT that she took her children with her, it’s that she paid their way with taxpayer money, “amending” expense reports afterwords and claiming the children themselves were on official business.
    I work for a local government. Occasionally people travel across state for a training or conference, and occasionally bring family along and stay a couple extra days. Fine. But ONLY the government employee’s travel is reimbursed, as well as only that person’s hotel and meals necessary to attend the function. All other family’s travel, meals, hotel, etc is not reimbursed, including the employee’s extra days/meals/etc. This is common practice.
    I myself have reviewed travel claims like this. If Palin had submitted a claim as she had, and especially with the after-the-fact “amending”, she’d be history.

  8. Were you reviewing the claims of the Governor? Or run of the mill state employees that occasionally have to travel? I actually doing have a problem with governors and other state executives being able to travel with their families if they have young children. It’s not a 9 to 5 job, is very demanding. It would be one thing if she sent the kids on vacations at taxpayer expense, but I don’t have too much trouble with the state making accommodations so that politicians, or state employees, with highly demanding work schedules get to spend time with their families.

  9. What Scott said.

    The issue is obviously not that she brought her children, but that she billed the state for their travel, when she clearly was not supposed to. She’s looking less like a maverick to me every day, and more like a typical politician who uses their office to enrich their own lives.

    Likewise, with spending $180,000 on clothes, the issue is not that she spent that much—I really could care less—but that it was purchased with campaign funds, not her personal money. McCain famously railed against campaign funds being used for personal expenses—including clothing.

    Besides, either she’s going to campaign as a regular “Joe Six-Pack” hockey mom and try to connect with “regular folks,” or she’s not. That’s her strength, is it not? I didn’t know “real Americans” shopped at Neiman Marcus.

    And B Smith, nobody is suggesting that she abandon her children or put them in boarding school—Todd Palin is a stay at home dad. That’s what he does with her as governor, he takes care of the kids, just like the wives of male governors do.

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