5 thoughts on “It’s Really Gun Control!”

  1. Let’s see…

    If the crime is punishable by up to 10 years in prison now, but most do an average of 3 years, raising the maximum sentence level to 20 years will do exactly squat to the average time served.

    They would be better served if they just had mandatory sentences of 10 years.

  2. “I like to think some of these knuckleheads can read and understand what’s going on,” Nutter said after the signing ceremony.

    Is this aimed at criminals or reporters?

  3. My one issue with this law is the mandatory. I think it should be mandatory if there is a criminal action that occurs.

    Recently, we had a case in Maryland (a couple of them actually) involving S.W.A.T. teams busting into a homes. In one case the SWAT teams shot and murdered the family’s pet dogs.

    What if that had been a child and not a dog. Rest assured if that had been the case, I view anyone justified in expending every round of ammo they possess until those officers are dead or withdrawn. In the protection of their home.

    It’s one thing to invade a home, another to do so with a warrant. But to come in guns blazing and murdering….sorry, regardless if you’re a LEO doing so is still criminal.

    What happens if martial law is declared? What happens if they start hauling “political dissenters” away. If you defend yourself or someone else, it’s a 20 yr auto-sentence. While in a “society with a moral abiding law enforcement structure” such a law is very positive. I fear the results if our society continues to degrade toward social fascism.

  4. That said, I think if anyone is involved in a criminal crime (theft, robbery, kidnapping, rape, murder, etc but not jay-walking, etc). And they use a firearm or other deadly weapon against an officer, a 20 yr mandatory fine is a great thing.

  5. The only problem I see with this bill is that it only applies when police are the victims.

    Whatever happened to ‘all men are created equal’?

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