Sportsmen for McCain Rally Footage

The rally was, I would say, a success.  It was attended by a few hundred people, which I think was pretty good for an event in a remote part of Berks County and which didn’t feature either of the candidates.  This video is of Aaron Hobbs, the National Director of Sportsmen for McCain, who I had the pleasure of hosting for the weekend:


The crowd Aaron was speaking to was certainly orders of magnitude larger than AHSA, which is alluded to in his speech.  My basic message is: don’t believe the polls.  Obama spent his weekend in Philadelphia while McCain was sending surrogates to the southeastern part of the state.  That tells me that both McCain and Obama’s internal polling is showing the race as a dead heat, and that Obama’s polling is telling him his support in Philadelphia needs to be higher.  Don’t give up — this is still winnable.  Pennsylvania will be a key state in this election.

This won’t be our last event.  We’re working on getting a table for yet another gun show up in Allentown.  This is again, out of our district, but it’s bound to draw a lot of folks from this area.  We also really need to bolster NRA endorsed candidates, now including John McCain, in the northeastern part of the state.  Lehigh County is close enough that we can make a contribution, and still do the work we need to do for our own district.  There will be no break until Barack Obama is a distant memory.