Two New NRA Ads

One going after Obama for thuggish tactics against the NRA.  The other is about Obama’s Bitter comment.  Both are very well done ads.  I hope they find their way into the Northeastern Pennsylvania media market, where they are urgently needed.

6 Responses to “Two New NRA Ads”

  1. Brad says:

    Why doesn’t the NRA exploit the Biden angle? A couple comments about Biden’s anti-gun history, Obama + Biden side-by-side shot smiling together with a comment about “VP pick the first choice of a president”, then the devasting footage of Biden insulting the AR guy and smirking during the You tube primary debate. That’s priceless footage.

  2. Brad says:


  3. countertop says:

    They need to add a “share” tab so people can stick em on facebook, etc.

    embedding just doesn’t do it. Is technology advancing faster than the NRA can keep up??

    I like the thuggish tactics one – the picture of John Kerry is great.

  4. Yosemite Sam says:

    Drove through northeast PA this past weekend. There were many McCain signs in Milford, PA and along the highway in Allentown. I think things in PA are much closer than the polls may indicate.

  5. Bitter says:

    Internal polls from the campaigns seem to indicate a tighter race, too.