Stun Guns

The Arizona Rifleman talks about problems with stun guns.  I agree, they don’t even beat a well placed fist, knee or elbow in a lot of situations.  A friend of mine who reads, and can perhaps comment, had a similar experience where he volunteered to get zapped by one of these devices.  He felt it was only mildly painful, and would be easy for a determined attacker to fight through.  Even the taser type guns, which are far more useful, are only effective while they are actively zapping the person, and that’s only if the electrodes find their mark.

4 thoughts on “Stun Guns”

  1. I am said friend!

    My girlfriend at the time’s 16 year old brother bought a stun gun from some mail order place and wanted to try it out, of course, like any mischievous teenage boy would love to do. A few of his friends and myself volunteered to be guinea pigs. It was strong enough to basically stop the kind of scrawny 16 year olds that it hit. It was enough to hurt like hell when he did it to me, but it wasn’t enough to make me drop or even really stagger, it just hurt like a bitch. I’m not even a big guy, either.

    Also, because I’m very hairy and I took my shirt off, it actually burned my body hair a bit, which smelled kind of gross. But yeah, it definitely didn’t shut me down, and if I was trying to seriously attack someone I would have just screamed a bunch and kept attacking.

    So if you want to defend yourself from scrawny 16 year olds, then feel free to rely on a stun gun, but don’t think it’ll stop a motivated guy of even average size.

  2. I have a stun gun, (750,000 volts I think) and while it hurts and may surprise someone, it did not drop me. It hurt, but I did not fall to the floor, and it did not hurt enough for me not to have it tried again.

    I think the only thing that stun gun will do is surprise someone enough for them to move away from you and then you better hope you can run away, and do it faster than they can because now they will be madder than hell and chasing you.

  3. worse yet, here in NC you cannot legally conceal one… CCH permits only cover pistols and “stun guns” are considered weapons… so keeping one in a open holster is the only legal way to carry on in this state, possibly other states too.

  4. Stun guns really really really hurt—judging from the 500,000 volt one I have—but contrary to what a lot of people think (cause they’ve seen it in movies) they don’t knock you down or incapacitate you. They CAN of course, but to do that you pretty much have to hold it on a person’s chest for 6 seconds at least.

    Someone who is just fucking with you will probably stop fucking with you if you zap them, but someone in a rage or who is very determined to hurt you won’t be stopped by one, and I’m guessing it’s probably pretty easy to get one out of someone’s hands.

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