Polling The Voters

Simon of Classical Values talks about poll numbers, and why we should be skeptical, links to this post over at Stolen thunder, which says something that’s very true:

This is not a football game or a baseball game, it’s politics. Support is built up gradually and won bits at a time. Also, some of the best gains are not obvious at first, because some significant actions take time to develop. McCain and Obama both fell back a bit the last week of September, McCain because Republican support fell off a bit, Obama lost independents’ support. This is a salient factor in where the candidates’ opportunities and weaknesses lay.

And we can exploit these weaknesses.  They key to this election will be swinging independent voters away from Obama.  That will certainly be the key to winning Pennsylvania.  Simon says:

So do the right thing and give him a click. Plus his advice is critical: keep the faith. Do not give up. Make sure you and all your friends show up on election day.

And Simon said, so if you don’t do it, you’ll lose!

One thought on “Polling The Voters”

  1. Mark Levin on the radio:

    If we don’t engage now, four and a half weeks out, then when are we going to engage? When it’s too late? I can hear the calls when they start passing this crap [that Obama wants]: “Mark, what can we do?” You can’t do anything. Don’t you see? It’s rigged. The courts no longer uphold the Constitution and limit the power of the elected branches. The elected branches keep pushing people onto the courts who will support what they’re doing. The Constitution is being shredded every single day. You’re losing liberty every single day. What do you want me to do? What can I say? If you’re not going to get engaged, no matter what kind of stupid comments John McCain makes… If you don’t get engaged — not for John McCain, for yourself, for your children, for your future — then what can I possibly tell you?

    I’m going to be honest with you, when I drive around my neighborhood, I see these Obama stickers everywhere. It’s like being in Peking — I guess they call it Bejing now — when Chairman Mao was around. The photos are everywhere, the stickers are on the cars, the signs are on the lawns… What the hell is going on here? And a lot of you look at that and say, “Oh. It’s over.” I look at that, and you know what I say? It’s only over if I let it be over. They only roll me if I let them roll me. Screw their yard signs. They’re still driving around with Kerry/Edwards stickers on their cars, and they’re proud of it, these morons.

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