Armed Robber Dead in Philly

Looks like they made a fatal mistake in the vicitim selection process.

3 Responses to “Armed Robber Dead in Philly”

  1. TangoSix says:

    Well, assuming the victim had a CCW, the police bureaucracy will now probably try to revoke it.

    I was at a session of the review board in Phila. where the police department wanted to revoke the permit of a guy who had [legitimately] shot at a guy attempting to break into his business to assault an employee.

    The chairman of the panel aske the department rep., “Why issue permits if we don’t expect people to use them?”

    Needless to say, the police department had no ready response to this line of reasoning. But they do have a history
    of such illogic.

  2. Keith Bailey says:

    Would the story have been longer if it was an illegal shooting?

  3. B Smith says:

    “…made a fatal mistake in the victim-selection process.”

    Of all The late, great Jeff Cooper expressions, that just may be my favorite :-D