Don’t Deliver Pizza in Philly

I know, it’s hardly new advice to readers here. But apparently things are getting worse with the second fatal attack on pizza delivery guys in a two weeks.

I guess that quest to “minimize” the right to self-defense is working out pretty well for the city. I guess the only hope Philly has for economic recovery is a bustling underground economy that has a side effect of improving the economy of putting people underground.

One thought on “Don’t Deliver Pizza in Philly”

  1. Regrettably the old saying that it is better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6 applies in this case.

    This is a personal decision by any pizza delivery person. Several have decided to arm themselves and suffered the loss of job and legal expenses but lived. This man suffered the loss of life, which is worse for the family. The family not only lost the income but the man himself. Funeral expense to be added. I doubt that any civil case is valid since the city is not legally liable for their criminals

    The only possible solution is to push for a change in law allowing carry in Philly. This would not help those who decide not to carry but will help those who decide to carry.

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