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From Protein Wisdom:

I’ve noted before that we are now fighting an all out ideological war for the survival of the democratic republic. In fact, I’ve been making this same argument for years now: when the press, under the cover of “objectivity,” is allowed to function as an advocacy arm for a particular ideology and its titular representatives, what follows is a necessary skewing of facts — and a carefully constructed attempt to frame “stories” with “lessons” that the public will interpret “correctly” (according to those attempting to teach the lessons from the perspective of their own personal advocacy).

Media advocacy for Obama is higher than any candidate in recent memory.  It’s becoming worse than mere bias, and crossing into the realm of the media actively campaigning for The Lightworker’s ascension.

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  1. Obama’s handlers in the media have crossed the line way over to what is even pretentiously acceptable. The sheer brazenness that they have brandished in this campaign season is beyond shame and resembles prostitutes in ancient times who would lift up their skirts to attract patrons.

    We should be thankful; the stakes are clearly understood now and there is now no place to hide. If this fumbling, double-minded elitist prig makes it to the oval office it will only be because of our failure to stop his ascension. The culture war has waged for years; it’s that now the battle has come to our doorsteps. Will we grab a rifle and fight, or grab a beer watch other people do the heavy lifting?

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