While ATF is revoking licenses of FFLs …

… for putting “Y” instead of “Yes”, apparently they can’t keep track of their own weapons.

One Response to “While ATF is revoking licenses of FFLs …”

  1. Robert says:

    I’ve always thought there should be a law- call it, the Law of Equal Protection. If the Head of the Congressional Finance Committee, say, Charlie Rangel, is immune to prosecution when he screws up on HIS tax returns, then you ought to be able to point to that in court or before and have it count. If the ATF loses weapons and nobody’s head rolls, then YOUR head ought to stay on your shoulders as well. If Alberto Gonzales can take classified materials home with no warrant being issued, then don’t bother me about it.

    Kind of a goose and gander thing. Just a dream, I’m sure. One set of laws for everyone, all the time, everywhere, or excuses for everyone, all the time, everywhere.