City’s Proposal for Heller Compliance

The District of Columbia seems to have proposed the following framework for it’s new gun regulations:

The council proposal does not give residents blanket approval to own semiautomatic pistols, which have become the most popular kinds of handguns. It would ban magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds. It also would repeal a regulation barring a gun owner from registering more than one pistol. In addition, the legislation would do away with the requirement that handgun registrants submit their weapons to D.C. police for ballistics testing.

This is why we need to get H.R.6691 passed out of Congress.  It’s an uphill battle.  There’s probably little chance the Senate will agree to take it up in an election year, but it’s worthwhile to persue anyway.  It’s always good to have a recent vote that reflects who our friends are, but more importantly which politicians are against us.  My guess is Harry Reid doesn’t force Obama to take a stance here.  But there might be time left for some arm twisting of blue dogs like John Tester from Montana and our own Bob Casey, to get this to the floor and get a vote on it.

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