What They Think of You

There are one million hunters in Pennsylvania in a state of twelve million.  That’s a lot of hunters.  Michigan also has quite a lot of hunters, which would make you think Obama would know better than to bring this up:

Palin’s bio is “compelling,” Obama said.

The crowd booed. “No, it’s an interesting story.” More boos. “No, no, it is. I mean that sincerely. Mother, governor, moose shooter.”

The crowd broke out in laughter. “That’s cool. That’s cool. That’s cool stuff,” Obama said.

6 Responses to “What They Think of You”

  1. Anthony says:

    Here is the thing, as someone from a long line of hunters I do not see the joke in “moose hunter”. That is awesome. I mean she has to stalk and hunt and then shoot it just right or she will have to track int through the Alaskan wild. Once she does bring it down she has to field dress it and drag it back to what ever you use to haul a moose home. It is definitely a one-up in my book.

    And I don’t think my fellow hunters in PA find it funny either, maybe we dont “get it”, or maybe we understand that he is really making fun of us.

  2. Earl says:

    He is making fun of us and it sets my teeth on edge. I know that I am one of many moderates that have tried to be reasonible and fair in weighing the canidates in this election, but repeated insults to things that many of us hold very dear is just wearying.

  3. Paul W says:

    For Obambi, anyone with a gun is either a murderer, a violent reactionary, or Elmer Fudd. All hunters are, in his hyper-prejudiced world, Elmer Fudds – meaning that they’re stupid and probably in-bred…geez, they probably don’t even read a big-city newspaper or drink latte.

    Let the idiot keep opening his mouth on guns. Every time he does, he loses votes for either showing his real plans (i.e. he won’t push legislation to ban guns because he doesn’t have the votes) or his barely concealed contempt for the whole gun culture.

  4. Bitter says:


    You seem to have read your own biases into his statement. He didn’t call her a moose hunter, he called her a “moose shooter.” It implies that she just walks around the wilderness shooting moose for pleasure rather than behaving like a normal hunter. By using the language he did, he’s trying to segregate her from traditional hunters.

    Oh, and it was the punchline – he seemingly paused for the audience to laugh.

  5. Yosemite Sam says:

    What cracks me up about this whole thing of Obama campaigning against Palin is that Palin actually has a record to attack.

    She made decisions instead of voting present.

    It really is a window into the mindset of the Democrats when they think that a bio of mother, governor, and moose hunter is uproariously funny. Tells alot more about them than us.

  6. B Smith says:

    I tried reading the comments (got through six or seven, I think). Here’s the thing-you can tell, although the ages aren’t posted, that most of this “Sarah’s a liar, She’s just gonna continue Bush’s policies, etc” screed is written by kids parroting what they hear the MSN and liberal ‘grownups’ saying. Methinks it’s no coincidence that Obama leads among the younger set, and he’s probably counting on the first- and second-time voters to get him elected…mostly people who have no idea about responsible hunting, raising kids, holding office OR a “real job”, etc.,etc. (There’s also an unhealthy dose of “those-weird-country-hicks” vibe to the ranting…guess it’s easier just to belittle and mock what you don’t understand, and Obama seems to be on with that, too.)
    I don’t know if it’ll work this election (I fervently hope not), but the baby-boomer hippie-types, the ‘me first’ generation, is passing on too much of this to their kids. I weep for the future.