Be Afraid

Be very afraid:

Under the treaty, governments would also be required to report their arms transfers to an international register, a move which arms control advocates say will lead to greater public scrutiny and confidence.

If these ideas are allowed to proliferate, and find roots, the shooting community in this country will be in a lot of trouble.  Got an eye on a new Glock?  Too bad, they won’t export to the United States because we lack proper control.  New Anschutz?  Too bad, your country doesn’t track firearms closely enough.  Definitely forget about a Beretta, you citizen of a third world arms bazaar you!

It’s a serious worry that in a few decades, international treaty will make it nearly impossible for Americans to import arms from overseas.  That’ll be a boon to the American gun manufacturers, but a detriment to the shooting community as a whole.

14 thoughts on “Be Afraid”

  1. There’s no way the U.S. Senate would ratify this. And there’s no way arms manufacturers would cease sales to one of the largest civilian markets in the world. This is more IANSA hand-waving. African civilians have every right to arm themselves against criminals (including government ones) as any other human beings.

  2. The US wouldn’t have to ratify anything… all it would take is foreign governments doing it. The arms manufacturers overseas won’t have any say, because it will be their governments that will set export laws, and if they sign on to and implement a treaty that says “No guns exported to countries that don’t have X,Y, and Z control on arms.” that’s going to be it.

  3. Even something less onerous, like all military surplus must be destroyed rather than sold on international markets would suck. No more Nagants, Enfields, Mausers, surplus ammo. It would suck.

  4. In a couple of decades firearms will be as antiquated as a horse and buggy. Laser weapons will be used by police and military. And forbidden to peasants because they arn’t “in common use.” And that will be how the Second Amendment is voided.

  5. I hate the U.N. They are the biggest crooks in the world. But if does happen o well no more Glocks. I hate Glocks, but guess what we still will should be able to get Beretta because they are actually made in the USA. They have to be since they are a military weapon. All military weapon bought from a bought outside the USA have be made in the USA.

  6. Can’t US companies buy the license to make foreign guns? Isn’t that what Arsenal (AK series)and Springfield (XD series from Croatia) do?

  7. You don’t need a license to make a Kalashnikov, as far as I recall, because it’s design is in the public domain. Even the patents on the AR platform I think are mostly gone by this point. But yeah, to get around the import bans on Kalashnikovs, they are manufactured here from both foreign and American parts according to federal regulations. You’d potentially see a lot of the same for other types of guns too, but intellectual property protections could be an issue.

  8. And when those European companies go bankrupt. Because American’s aren’t buying. And the Euro nations have so many restrictions, they’re not buying.

    China, the big upcoming market, ain’t so keen on proliferation of firearms to it’s citizens.

    Oh, they’ll change that law…

  9. For the record, Beretta, FN, and SIG (and others) already build guns here. Should something like this come to pass, a lot of others will too:

    Think cars: Toyota, Honda, BMW, Mercedes, Hyundai, Nissan all have plants in the US. More if you count joint-ventures.

    Gotta love the market economy.

  10. (shrugs) And then the USA will make All The Guns in the World. Market will probably drive the quality up, the Euro-weenies will sink further into the abyss of crime, corruption, and despair. Russia (already at rock-bottom) will continue to sell Klashnikovs and Mosin-Nagants to whomever has the cash, China will probably continue to sell what it sees as ‘obsolete’…
    It would be a tremendous shame to lose Glock, Anschutz, Beretta, etc. But Europe already exports ‘Damn Shame’ by the shipload, it’s not the end of the world— and it probably won’t be then, either.

  11. You do realize that Para-USA is moving its manufacturing to Charlotte, NC because America is its biggest market, no?

    So don’t you think Beretta, Anschutz, (especially Glock) et. al. would do the same to avoid losing one of their biggest markets?

    It’d be a win-win! More of those “unintended consequences” that gun laws tend to promote.

  12. It’s all just political noise. It won’t get ratified by the US congress, and if it does, amendments supersede the treaty provision article.

    As for the foreign governments involved … they all talk the talk, but when it comes time to sell old surplus, correct paperwork magically appears, and suddenly the rifles and ammo end up in the US with a valid ATF/Customs Form 6.

    South Africa was a good example … they made a big deal last year about being politically correct, and not selling surplus ammo to civilians in the US. However, SA .308 is starting to appear in the US again … and it ain’t being imported from Mars.

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