More Bluenosing

This time it’s John Tester, who should know better.  Blue dogs need to start growing a pair and, rather than cowtowing to their party’s anti-gun leadership, stand up for their constituents.  It’s one thing to be all rah rah Dems on other issues that are important to Montanans, where Barack Obama might be their man, but it’s another to try to downplay the gun issue when there’s just no doubting his record.

The last time pro-gun Democrats allowed party to trump principle, back during the vote on Clinton’s Assault Weapons Ban, it helped usher in the 1994 Republican Revolution (which the Republicans promptly squandered, but that’s nother rant).  Blue dogs should want the gun issue to die, but the way to kill it isn’t to get the Lightworker elected to the White House.  Blue dogs should follow in the footsteps of Oklahoma Representative Dan Boren, who has refused to shill for Obama.

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