3 thoughts on “Milkin’ It”

  1. Well in all fairness, what else do they have? They are really bankrupt when it comes to some type of practical usage of their message. The only thing they can really do is wimper around like the wounded, irrelevant losers that they are. For all of their “work” they really don’t have much to show for it.

    One thing I have noticed over the years is that most liberal interest groups don’t play defense very well. They have very little that is substantive that they can fall back on. The Brady Camp is no different. After the blow that Heller delivered them they really don’t have that much that they can do to further their agenda except by defying the law and hunkering down (i.e. Chicago, Atlanta). It’s really funny if wasn’t so pathetic. It’s like watching Mondale run for president again!

  2. 1. I have not seen any positive proof that this person was a spy.
    2. If she was a spy, I’ve not seen any positive proof that she was associated with
    the NRA.
    3. The anti-gun groups seem to have had no problems with her work up till now.
    4. She passed the muster of the groups she has been working with.

    This story is like an imaginary fart, and all the anti-gunners keep running around asking “do you smell it?”,”do you smell it?”,”do you smell it?”.
    My personal advice to all the anti-gunners out there is ” Do a tissue test & get on with your pathetic, lives”.

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