EVC Goodie Bag Has Arrived

I have obtained my EVC packet from the Evil League of Evil in Fairfax, which contained various gun nutty trinkets, scads of bumper stickers, a DVD which does not work with my Mac, a completely list of instructions, a list of contacts, secret decoder book, locations of safe houses, and cyanide tablet in the event of capture.

Now I just have to await the transmission from headquarters, which outline NRA’s political priorities for my district, along with endorsed candidates, and determine which campaigns we’re supporting, and who we can direct volunteers to

3 thoughts on “EVC Goodie Bag Has Arrived”

  1. You have a Mac?? (shakes head) I would have expected Bitter to have one, but you…???

    Seriously though, a platform independent DVD would be helpful. Somebody better let Darth LaPierre know.

  2. Give the pill to the next Dem canvasser you meet. Tell them it’s “good shit that will really get them off”, or better yet that it will win them big brownir points with their supervisor if passed on to them.

  3. You didn’t get the big bag of cash? Better alert HQ.

    (PS… ‘Darth LaPierre’…I got a good cackle over that one)

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