Quote of the Day

Over at SayUncle:

The Mrs. often asks why I carry to church. It’s because shootings keep happening at churches.

It’s often the places you least think you’d need a gun that you most need one.  I’m going to bet the Mrs. doesn’t ask this particular question anymore.

5 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. Joe Huffman says:

    When people ask, “Why do you want to carry here?” My response is, “Do you drop your life insurance here? My gun is my life insurance.”

  2. Rich Allen says:

    You keep bringin it to church dude. Look what just happened in TN! I’m shocked that nobody in that church took out the shotgun wielding nutjob.

  3. Weer'd Beard says:

    My Mom-in-law said somthing about the National Parks Carry bill the other day. “You have NO REASON to carry a gun in a park.” She said
    Me: “Except for all the muggings, murders and rapes in them….and on top of that, Bears and Coyotes….”

    She aknowleged her statement was short-sighted.

    Hey the murder rate in my home town is VERY low….but its not ZERO…many somebodies have been murdered here, and any other crime you may point to. It may be a near-zero number…but it isn’t ZERO, when it happens to somebody, I’ll do my damndest that it doesn’t happen to me and mine!

  4. TangoSix says:

    I was in the same situation: same spousal question; same answer.

  5. B Smith says:

    Reminds me of the retort (from Baby-Face Nelson?):

    Interviewer: “Why do you rob banks?”
    Nelson: “That’s where the money is”