Why I Hate Unions

Bitter has some stunning examples.  I’ve talked about this here before.  I don’t have a problem with workers organizing into unions, and bargaining collectively with employers.  In a free society, people have a right to do such things.  I do have a problem with Unions as they stand, which are government sanctioned extortion rackets.

7 thoughts on “Why I Hate Unions”

  1. I’ve found that the key difference in whether a union is a good or bad thing is whether or not the union reps are actually being paid to do union work. Once they start getting a salary, they start to realize that more employees, at a higher pay, means more union dues.

  2. Unions are no different than a monopoly, with a lot of the same outcomes. Why can the screen writers do this, but AT&T can’t?

  3. Unions killed the US textile industry.
    Unions killed the US steel industry.
    Unions killed the US railroad industry.
    Unions killed the US mining industry.
    Unions killed the US appliance industry.
    Unions killed the US education system.
    Unions are not quite done killing the US auto and airline industries.

    All unions do is ensure that companies are forced to pay wages that are globally uncompetitive.

    In the short term they benefit the workers, long term… well, you can see the pattern.

  4. After my dad, a union worker, was killed on the job, the union immediately (and illegally) dropped my mom from his insurance. When she finally decided to stop arguing w/ them and called BlueCross/BlueShield, they asked her why she wasn’t still on the company’s, she told them. They told her they would take care of it.

    The next day, the union called and said it was all just a paperwork mistake and that she was really had been covered. And that she owed them three months of back premiums.

    I support the ideal behind unions but not their current corporation.

  5. If the US wants to stay competitive in a world economy, we have to get rid of the unions. This way, companies will hire a person based on skills and merits; not because of the union s/he belongs to. They should be paid a competitive salary based on hard work, devotion and skill level. I see people in unions with barely a high school education making 3x more money than someone like myself with a college degree. And we see it all the time when we pass a road crew where 3 people are standing around drinking coffee and looking at a piece of paper or that ONE person doing the actual work. It’s absolutely crazy. The unions have become the very thing that they were originally formed to fight against.

  6. there was a big flap out in california recently… some rich dead guy left a huge sum of money for teachers and schools with good performance in the school district…

    the union rejected the money because it would have violated their collective bargaining agreement…

    what idiocy

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