Machine Gun Art

I’ll bet it never occured to my friend Jason that he could become a contemporary artist using nothing but his M11 machine pistol and a caseload of 9mm:


Maybe now we can raise a first amendment argument for machine gun ownership ;)

UPDATE: Linoge actually beat me to this one.  He’s actually on my RSS feed, but it doesn’t always embed videos, so I must have just missed it.

10 Responses to “Machine Gun Art”

  1. Maybe now we can raise a first amendment argument for machine gun ownership ;)

    Sebastian brings teh funny!!!1!


  2. Dave Hardy says:

    It’s at least as artistic as some of the *%&$#^ that hangs in the Hirshhorn, and more fun to produce!

  3. Joe Huffman says:

    For years Ry and I have wanted to do a very particular art project with explosives. We never simultaneously had the enormous amounts of time and sufficient money to do it however.

  4. chris says:

    even though it is fairly thin aluminum, i would imagine that there was still a severe amount of lead splatter… ouch

  5. gene says:

    My art historian roommate approves.

  6. DirtCrashr says:

    Percussive art is art like any other, and this certainly qualifies. It could be repeated in an expanded variety of caliber-textures to textualize and reinforce the originality of the treatment.

  7. RAH says:

    I really do not consider that art. I have more old fashion taste. But considering the absurd claims of art today, that is a lot better than a lot of colleges present.

  8. B Smith says:

    “I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like.”

    Yeah, I’d shell out a few quid to hang that on my wall.

  9. Linoge says:

    Bah, beat you to it.

    That said, I would certainly fork over for a piece or two.

  10. Linoge says:

    Oh, and I just do not embed video feeds… Years of dealing with an absurdly slow internet connection and all that ;).


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