6 thoughts on “New Jersey Justice”

  1. New Jersey. Crime-free paradise.
    Can we try Plan ‘B’ yet?
    ‘Nuff said.

  2. I am 38 now, and I grew up in New Jersey.

    Sometime back in the early 1980’s, I was with with some friends in one of our back yards, where we were all taking turns shooting my new Crossman .177 pellet CO2 revolver. It looked like one of those large caliber magnum revolvers with the ribbed barrels, which were popular back then.

    I personally bought this pellet gun at a sporting goods store in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, during one of the many trips I took there with my family. (I think the store had a policy of selling these guns to just those who were 16 and over.) My parents were aware of this purchase, and neither of them had any problem with it.

    So anyway, as my friends and I were innocently just shooting at targets we had set up on a big cardboard box within this fenced-in back yard, a local cop strolls through the open gate. (Apparently a neighbor had called the police to complain about us, even though we were not shooting anything but this box.) This cop then confiscated this pellet pistol of mine, took down all of our names and phone numbers on his note pad, and then just left us there in that back yard.

    It was later that I found out that airguns are considered firearms in New Jersey. I suppose that this cop in question had used his own discretion by just confiscating my airgun, rather than arresting me for it.

    If this incident had occurred much more recently, does this mean that the SWAT team would have been deployed upon us, since we were all menacing this New Jersey neighborhood with such a dangerous “firearm”? Would we then have all been arrested and indicted on felony charges for possessing and discharging an unlicensed handgun?

  3. Robert,

    I know someone who nearly became a prohibited person over BB gun possession in The Garden State. It’s completely insane.

  4. Sebastian,

    Well, I guess if Bryan Miller had been there back then, he would have labeled me as being an illegal Pennsylvania firearms smuggler! LOL

  5. Last weekend, I went to a pool party at a friend’s house in Levittown, PA. Two boys from the neighborhood, both of whom looked about 10 or 11 years of age, were walking by my friend’s house as I was going out to my car to retrieve a case of beer. One of them was carrying a bucket, while the other had what looked like a Crossman Pumpmaster 760 BB rifle. They then casually made their way across the main road and into a wooded area.

    As I watched this boy openly brandishing his “firearm” in broad daylight, I couldn’t help but wonder what would very likely happen to him and his parents if he had been just across the nearby Delaware River in New Jersey.

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