Long Weekend

I have been off for the day of July 7th.  I decided to take a four day weekend.  That is why blogging has been light.  On Tuesday, I will be returning as best I can to full swing.  Look for more information on the Gun Blog Rifle League.  It think there’s a fair amount of interest, for both small bore and large bore.  I will be suggeting rules, but I will not be dictating them, so feel free to make suggestions.  I want to make this open to as many people as possible.

The gun blogosphere needs to do what it can to keep promoting marksmanship through these hard times of high ammo prices and high gas prices.  It sucks when your sport depends the commodity market, let me tell you.  But I think we blog folk can overcome.  We can show the dirty hippies that we are doing out part to help make our sport more green.  Corporate America can promote telecommuting while we promote telecompeting!

Stay tuned for more information.  I think we can make this work.