Scott Bach on Heller

Scott Bach, who is President of the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, and an NRA Board member, has this to say about the Heller ruling:

That such a question was even the subject of controversy, or that there were dissenting Justices, is a sad testimony to the state of our nation. It is also a testimony to one of the worst hoaxes and frauds ever perpetrated by gun ban extremists: the phony claim that the phrase “right of the people” really means “right of only those people in state militia service” when firearms are involved.

There is no basis for such an assertion. Yet for years, those unable to legislate the Second Amendment away have shamelessly pursued a scheme to interpret it out of existence by convoluting its words and rewriting its history. They have actually argued, with a straight face, that one provision of the Bill of Rights doesn’t really apply to all Americans – just to some Americans.

Read the whole thing.  It’s sure to displease this particular hoaxster, since the The Court has no doubt put the brakes on his attempt to ban muskets.

One Response to “Scott Bach on Heller”

  1. Earl Turner says:

    I’m now wondering when we’ll see the first lawsuit filed against New Jersey for all of the blatantly unconstitutional gun laws that state has on its books.