7 thoughts on “20mm Rounds”

  1. Pretty astonishing that those soldiers survived, and even more so that they were apparently not too badly injured.

    I’m not religious, but if that had been me, I might be discovering my spiritual side.

  2. Seventy rounds were fired, but knowing a little about the gun, and looking at the car, not that many hit… for which the driver and passenger should be quite thankful. Furthermore, they should be thankful Vulcans generally stick to unitary, AP rounds, and not SAPHEI or something equally not-friendly-to-organics.

  3. In 2004, a similar incident happened over a school building in NJ, with an Air National Guard F-16.

    IIRC, that incident happened when the school building was empty…but it was a little shocking.

    [after a moment’s searching…]
    The Geek wrote it up at the time, and I think the news-link on his site is still good.

  4. Hey, I think the Chevy Suburban did very well. It was still drivable and the passengers survived

  5. “not that many hit… ”

    That’s why the pilot was practicing — to improve his score.

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