Michael Bane on NSSF Kerfuffle

Michael Bane talks about the happenings at the NSSF Summit, and I couldn’t agree more:

We have achieved these victories not by “staying the course,” but by taking the battle to our enemies. We have gotten here not by “playing nice,” but by doing what Americans do — standing up for our beliefs and speaking our minds and hearts. We are succeeding because we have stopped watering down our message and trying to pander to the very people who would strip us of our rights.

Go read the whole thing.  Michael has more experts from the issued reports, and comments on them thusly:

I don’t have to tell my regular readers how wrong-headed and profoundly incorrect these “action items” are. They are old school the worst way, a distillation of policies that have not only failed us in the past but are in fact the very policies that are responsible for nearly destroying us. “Hide, hide!” “Play nice!” Be something that you’re not, and maybe everyone will love you!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Action items like these are a proven path to failure…and in our case, oblivion.

Yep.  That’s why it’s important to squash these ideas like bugs, because if they start infecting the movement, we’ll end up like Britain and Australia, whos sportsmen went down the very road these action items are advocating.  We cannot feed the misconception that handguns, or any other guns that are the demons du-jure of the anti-gun movement, have no legitimate sporting purpose, and downplay their role in lawful self-defense.

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