A Bad Example

Jacob points to an awful bit of chicken little in the media, in regards to Heller jeopardizing local gun regulations.  He points out how the Sullivan Act came into being.  Also worth pointing out is that New York’s crime rates were sky high in the 1970s and 1980s, despite the gun laws the AJC is crediting with lowering crime rates.  The Sullivan Act was passed in 1911!  I guess it just took a century for it to start to work?  Dream on.

One thought on “A Bad Example”

  1. Tsk, tsk; What a shame! Mayor Franklin is not only disingenuous but just plain wrong. Did you notice how her editorial claims that the D.C. gun ban “reduced the number of ‘suicides’ “? She dasn’t dare mention the number of murders in the District, does she? The former police chief of D.C., Charles Ramsey, has now come to Philadelphia, our fair city, PA, vowing to do the same as he did for the District of Columbia. Heaven help us! At least the “suicide” rate might go down.

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