Disarming Britain

I don’t know why you need ads like this in a country where handguns are strictly banned:


You’d almost think the laws were ineffective, and only resulted in criminals having guns.  Nah!  Can’t be.  That’s crazy talk!

Hat tip to reader Guav

UPDATE: Here’s the blog associated with the video.

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  1. I was able to find a blog at the channel4 dot com / disarmingbritain web site. I left this message … my comment is awaiting moderation.

    Carl in Chicago, on June 18th, 2008 at 1:38 am Said: (Your comment is awaiting moderation)

    Are these comments edited or censored?

    In my view, this whole violence issue is a matter of personal choice and resolve. It seems that those who would perpetrate violence upon others are just too bold, as if they have nothing to loose. On the one hand, trying to counsel those individuals to give it up for a better way is a good thing, and a useful expenditure of time and effort. Yet on the other hand (there are always two hands) it seems that some of them simply won’t be reached by that method. It seems that balance is in order. One can embrace an anti-violence view with a justifiable self-defense view. But it is obvious to me that without a balance in the UK…without the legal means to allow defense of self and family, things are going to get worse, and worse. Sometimes dangerous people can be talked down. At other times, they need to be put down.

    Is there room for self-defense in your approach?

  2. My god, it’s right there! They show it, over and over! The goblins are armed, and the law abiding are defenseless!

    How blind can these people be?

    The current lead article on the blog front page asks, “How often do you actually need a knife nowadays?” And then they say it, just come right out and say it! “And let’s face it, with the number of stabbings going on in the current climate, even these laws don’t seem to be the answer.”

    In their hearts, they know. They know, and they can not give up their error.

    They are insane.

    This is getting to be something of a mantra for me: “There’ll always be…an island off the French coast. England, however, is gone.”

  3. Oh, goody. Look at this: a poll asking the question: “Do you believe it is ever ok to carry a weapon?” The three responses:

    * No, never (68 votes)
    * Yes, to protect yourself if attacked (417 votes)
    * Yes, to be able to attack first (41 votes)

    Seventy-seven percent believe they should be able to arm themselves.

    All eight of the current comments, every single one, favors self-arming. The last one says explicitly, “I think the real question here is, why are the British people so willing to hand over their rights? It’s appalling, the gusto with which they declare their dislike of personal liberties.”

    I must admit, though, the gusto seems not to be in the British people, but in the British politicians. Is there in fact still an England, ready to be reborn?

    I was able to vote; I wonder how many voters in that poll are Brits? I wonder how long that poll will stay up as the votes get more and more lobsided?

  4. Did anyone else notice that in most of the “shootings” depicted in that video, the shooter isn’t actually holding a gun? They hold up their hand with one or two fingers extended, and the gun flash and everything else is put in by special effects.

    There is something unpleasantly surreal about an “anti-gun-violence” ad that never actually shows a gun.

  5. ww,

    I am guessing, but I would say no guns were shown because the drones who made the commercial didn’t want to “glamorize” guns.

    You know if we don’t talk, show , or think about guns, they will go away and we can sing folk songs.

  6. Seems to me that all the “finger guns” render this bit of propaganda completely irrelevant. Just more leftist lunacy, if you ask me.

  7. Britain’s citizens deserve what they get and if we as American keep going the way we are, we will deserve what we get too. We fought the English over govermental abuses to establish this great country. In both countries the people vote in these elitists who destroy our personal liberties [the most basic is self-defense]. If enough people in either country would vote for freedom loving, common sense representives, we and they wouldn’t have these insane gun and self-defense policies

  8. If enough people in either country would vote for freedom loving, common sense representives, we and they wouldn’t have these insane gun and self-defense policies

    Too much work and it interferes with Dancing With the Stars.

  9. Doc, I see your point but would like to remind you that people don’t always get what they deserve, or deserve what they get. There simply IS injustice in the world.

    From the movie “Unforgiven”…

    “I don’t deserve this… to die like this.”

    “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.”

  10. The video itself is actually quite well made/produced. I personally thought the finger-gun motif was quite effective, visually backing their idea that if they didn’t have guns, the crimes couldn’t happen. It visually asks, “what if they didn’t have the gun?” It also plays into the “child’s play” comment at the end.

    However, apart from respecting the quality of the video, I think the ideology behind it is completely wrong. Getting a gun will ALWAYS be child’s play for the very people you don’t want to have guns. And the answer they try to forget to the question above is, “if they didn’t have a gun, they would use a knife. Or a bat. Or a broken bottle. Or a…”

  11. …or a finger? Ban fingers!!! The practice of martial arts (Karate, etc.) can be misused to deadly effect. Following this logic, the human form should be banned, and we should all line up for the shredder to achieve peace, once and for all.

  12. Back here in Blighty, there is no political party or movement that you can vote for that isn’t foaming at the mouth to ban yet more stuff – for our own good. And, in any case, most stuff is in reality decided at the European level by democratically unaccountable bodies.

    Look what happened with EU Constitution…

  13. Well, I, for one, left multiple comments on a variety of their posts, and not a single one made it through moderation…

    Unfortunately for them, I have a weblog of my own, and replicated them there, replete with links and even more content. Oh, and lots more traffic. It must suck to not understand how the Internet works…

  14. Course they moderate. They are for “disarming Britain” and no dissenters are allowed.

    I posted a rational comment yesterday, which hasn’t shown up. Since, another person’s post showed up (describing the horrors of paper-cut crime or something like that).

    They do not exist for discourse. They exist for dicta.

  15. I find this video deep and profound, with only a few fuzzy animals missing to make the experience complete.

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