Don’t Try This Here

Hat tip to Eric for this incident in Holland:

At a fashion show to promote tolerance of gay people on April 30, a national holiday in Holland, celebrating the birthday of the late Queen Juliana, a group of ten Muslim youths dragged gay model Mike Du Pree down from the catwalk, beating him up and breaking his nose. A second model who tried to help out was also attacked.

Our gays can shoot back. If I see a bunch of violent thugs of a proportedly peaceful religion beating up on a gay guy in broad daylight on a public street, I can too.

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  1. What the hell is wrong with everyone else who was there? If I saw something like that happening, I’d probably grab something blunt and wade in. You’d think some of the bystanders could have done something. It’s been my experience that characters like that are cowards, and all it takes is a few of them getting busted up to stop that kind of nonsense.

  2. people in europe are all pussies. its happening here in the states too. everybody start reading the koran… pretty soon its going to be either submit, convert, or die. lets just hope we destroy the planet with our SUVs before these apes get their way. ^_^

  3. Heh. I don’t blog, so my ‘Death Stare’ is down the sights of my pistol :-)

  4. Sorry Scott… in a free society people have the right to think as they wish. The fact that anyone is even seriously proposing repealing part of the first amendment is frightening, to say the least.

  5. Sorry Sebastion, in a “free” society, people don’t have the RIGHT to get together and advocate (that is preach Islamic principles) hatred, violence, and death of their neighbors (that is the Infidels – you and me), which is EXACTLY what is happening in Mosques all over America (and Europe of course to a more dramatic extent).

    No one has the RIGHT to stand on a street corner and incite a mob to riot and kill. That is what is happening inside the Mosques of the “religion of peace”. We’re already seeing Islamic violence, both planned, and spontaneous acts of jihad in the US. Its only going to get worse.

    Just as a country can take pre-emptive action against a nation that declares (or clearly indicates) its intentions, so can it take action against an ideology. In 15-25 years it will be too late to prevent a religious war (I say “religion” but Islam is really a political ideology of conquest) on our own soil. Fortunately, since we are an armed people, we MAY prevail, but I’d rather not have to go down that road.

    Sticking our heads in the sand about the nature of Islam, which doesn’t recognize YOUR right to think as YOU wish is a guarantee that we’ll have to fight eventually.

    I’ve had negative reactions to my proposal before, even from sites like yours that obviously treasure our American ideals, and I can respect it. My proposal is meant to stimulate discussion, though I would implement it in a heartbeat if I could. What distresses me is that even sites that are cognizant of the threat often recoil from the idea yet offer no practicle alternatives to combat the threat, instead seeming to believe that somehow Islam can be reformed or that it is somehow going to grow into a peacefull religion. I’m under no such delusions.

    I’m glad you’re blogging to defend the 2A but I’m hoping people like you will start thinking about what life will be like if we really have to call upon our right to arms in order to defend our way of life in our own backyards.

    Best regards,

  6. People absolutely have a right to free speech and religion. Inciting violence is another matter, but you can deal with that absent banning religious faith if there’s the will to do it. There are Christians that preach hate too, like Fred Phelps and various anti-abortion groups that advocate killing abortion doctors. Should Christianity be outlawed on this basis since religion is what motivates these people?

  7. Sebastion,

    If it were only a fringe group of Muslims “high-jacking” their “religion” for violent purpose then it would be analogous to your example of a (very) few Christians twisting their religion to justify killing. And if so you could attempt to apply my proposal to Christianity, assuming that 19 Christians high-jacked 4 airliners and flew them into buildings (among MANY other things).

    But it is not a “fringe”. As the recently elected Prime Minister of Turkey (a “moderate” Muslim country) said recently – “there is only one Islam”. Note that he is a fundamentalist Muslim, and wants to end the secular nature of Turkey. Also note that there are NO Muslim leaders contesting his statements.

    No, Islam is in its entirety, an ideology of conquest – its a political movement. Its followers may think of it as a religion, but that is their problem. Because its adherents aren’t interested in assimilating, rather, they are interested in supplanting our institutions and subjugating us to their way of life, and they are willing (once they reach a certain point) of doing that with organized violence, it becomes our problem. To address as we see fit.

    Just as a criminal enters your house in the dead of night causes him to give up any reason to expect you to minimize your threat response, so does a movement that openly advocates your destruction absolve you from any consideration that their “belief” system is a religion deserving of protection under the very freedoms they seek to destroy.

    Again, people don’t have “absolutely have a right to free speech and religion” if that religion is the incitement of violence – which Islam is.

    You don’t have to worry of course Sebastion, my proposal will never be even discussed outside of a few obscure blogs so you don’t have to be “frightened” at such a thought.

    But get back to me in 10 years or so when we’re like Britain or France with large numbers of “no-go” areas for non-Muslims, I’d like to get peoples reactions then to whether or not Islam deserves to be treated as a relgion.


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