Civil Liberties Violation

The ACLU needs to get on this like ants on honey.  Can someone explain to me why city politicians want to create police states?  I’m starting to become an advocate of Congress dissolving DC city government and ruling it directly.  Not that I think they’d do much better, but they sure as hell would have a hard time doing worse.

4 thoughts on “Civil Liberties Violation”

  1. There is an easier way than having the legislature dissolve the city government – just dissolve the city of Washington itself. Re-establish the state boundary lines to where they were before the district was created and have the federal government occupy the current facilities as a sort of condominium, but each part of the city will become part of whichever state wherein it falls.

    There would be lots of advantages: the absurd possibility of DC statehood would be eliminated, Eleanor Holmes Norton could get a job selling knock-off handbags on the street (or some other occupation for which she is qualified), the new urban areas would actually receive revenue from the government in the form of property taxes, and I’m sure folks can think of other good reasons to make the district go away.

    Let’s start writing our representatives.

  2. I’ve been starting to think along very much the same lines. Just let them keep home rule long enough so that the plaintiff in DC v. Heller doesn’t evaporate prior to the ruling…

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