Bensalem Woman Finds RPG in Basement?

Color me skeptical about this one.  A sawed off shotgun I can believe, since all it takes to get one of those is a regular shotgun and a hacksaw. But an RPG?  We’ve seen this in the media before, and bloggers were able to identify it as an inert tube.  It’s possible, I suppose, that someone had an RPG, but I’m guessing this is another case of some kind of munition looking thing that’s inert.

Bensalem is the next township over from me, but upon cleaning out my attic this weekend from previous owners crap, I didn’t find any fun toys like this.  Bummer.  But had I found an RPG, I would not have endangered any police or first responders.  No, definitely not.  I’m sure I could have found a cooperative junk yard owner, preferably in a secluded area, where such ordnance could be safely and properly disposed of, without endangering anything except perhaps a late model Chevrolet Celebrity.  Or maybe a Ford Escort.

9 thoughts on “Bensalem Woman Finds RPG in Basement?”

  1. Yeah… I don’t get why she took the stuff down to the station. Unless she decided she wanted to keep the belt fed 30 caliber machine gun she found along side :)

  2. i dunno, i wouldnt want to call the PD out of fear that they would decide to detonate the explosive in place… i would love a new window in my living room, but id prefer to have it done by a construction worker not a bomb squad guy

  3. I keep looking in my attic for interesting ordnance, too. I can’t even find a box of ammo that I’d forgotten buying :-(

  4. I’m not surprised. I was a Class III dealer in the early ’70s and four times had locals bring me Maxim Guns that they had found in granddad’s attic (WWI Vets all) after they passed away. We stripped them of parts and turned the side plates in to the ATF.
    It’s amazing what a troop can hide in order to bring home a war trophy.

  5. A friend of mine had a Chevy Celebrity. An RPG would be a fitting end to that car.

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