IIcx’s, IIsi’s and NeXTs, Oh My

I’ve decided it’s high time to get rid of some of my old hardware I’ve been keeping around for sentimental reasons, and not much else.  Here’s what I have:

  • Two NeXT Monochrome Mexapixel Displays.  They both work, the natural rubber pads on both have gooed off by this point.
  • Three 68040 25MHz NeXT Cubes.  One has a bad SCSI HD, the other is missing RAM.  One boots up, but needs to be booted into single user mode and have all the Netinfo crap turned off.  None of them have the Dimension color board.
  • One 68040 Turbo slab, monochrome.  Missing RAM.
  • One Mac IIcx, no monitor.  Seems to work.
  • One Mac IIsi, w 12″ monior.  Missing HD.
  • I seem to have keyboards and cables to go with all this stuff.  I think I have some NeXT software and optical disks too.  No clue whether the optical drives are still functioning.

If anyone wants them, they are free to a good home if you want to come pick them up.  If you want them, but don’t want to pick them up, let me know where you are and I can see if I plan to be by that way any time in the NeXT year (ha!), and I might be able to deliver.

UPDATE: Looks like Tam and TD are interested.  Now I just need to figure out how to get the machines to them.

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  1. The perils of reading in an RSS feed – for a second I thought Tam had gone off her rocker and was putting these up for adoption.

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