Quick Change Barrels

I saw this at the NRA Exhibit hall in Louisville.  It’s a Mark II, Mark III quick change barrel system.  You can swap out barrels in about 2 seconds with this.  Want a 4″ barrels instead of a six inch?  No problem.  Want a suppressed 3 inch barrel?  No problem.  Might be handy if you do multiple shooting disciplines.

4 thoughts on “Quick Change Barrels”

  1. Wow, that’s ideal for me. I love my MkIII, but having to get the barrel/receiver permanently threaded for use with my suppressor is annoying.

    I occasionally travel back to California (gasp!) and often bring my MkIII to shoot with old friends. However, if it has a threaded barrel, it magically becomes an “assault weapon” and is prohibited. Go figure.

    It’d be nice to have a threaded barrel and non-threaded barrel for different uses.

    Very cool indeed.

  2. I have an older version of one of those. It’s called a “High-Standard”.

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  4. And I have a modern version called a “Browning Buckmark.” It takes more than 2 seconds to unscrew the hexhead bolt that holds the barrel in place, move the sites, etc., but I can live with that.

    Because the Ruger’s barrel assembly is the serialized part, you’d have to buy the initial M2QC receiver through an FFL. I never could figure out why Ruger did it that way.

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