My Talk

I gave a talk at the NRA Annual Meeting.  It’s been posted on here.  I gave the talk under my real name, so now you know.  Not that I’ve made great efforts to keep it a secret.  I mostly just don’t want the Google gods scaring HR people at potential employers because I do this.

By the way, you can see several piece of Second Amendment Blogger Bash Video on our channel on

7 thoughts on “My Talk”

  1. EXCELLENT! You might plan on delivering that talk elsewhere – such as universities, communications and mass media classes, etc. You could even generalize it a little bit, but use 2A examples simply because you are familiar with them.

    Great talk.

  2. Kudos to speaking at the bash. We are changing minds. Took me five years to change my mom’s mind. Sure you’ll never see her on a pro-gun blog going toe to toe with Jade or Kelli, but she just bought me some reloading gear for my birthday!

    I can’t express how far she has come concerning the 2A.

    We’re fighting the good fight.

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