3 thoughts on “We Don’t Need Guns in Parks”

  1. It’s a patent case of making NO SENSE AT ALL, this business of making one get a license to carry, and then saying you can’t carry in places like liquor stores and c-stores (which get held up), and public parks (where muggers, murderers and rapists find secluded places to carry out their business). For f*ck’s sake, these are the places, anymore, where one is MOST likely to NEED a gun.
    It’s ridiculous to get a “carry permit” that doesn’t allow you to carry. And it seems rather foolish to me to put my name willingly on yet another government list that WILL be used against me by the next democratic administration, and lets them know exactly how well-armed I am
    But the #1 reason I refuse to get a ‘carry permit’ is still because bearing arms is a right. I will not ask permission to exercise it.

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