McCain Judicial Advisory Committee

I think this development switches my vote in November for McCain from ho hum to actually somewhat enthusiastic.   Seriously, the most important thing McCain is going to do is select Supreme Court justices, and other federal judges, and if this is his team, you can count me on board.  On his advisory team, for those not inclined to follow the link:

  • Sandy Froman, Former President of the NRA
  • Eugene Volokh
  • Orin Kerr
  • Charles Cooper
  • Senator Phil Graham
  • Senator John Kyl
  • Senator Fred Thompson

I hope this pushes Robb off the fence.  This is a great panel of people to have selecting federal judges.  This is making me feel a lot better about McCain.

13 thoughts on “McCain Judicial Advisory Committee”

  1. Holy….

    Had Volokh’s, Froman”s, or Thompson’s names alone showed up on that list, it’d have made my day (I don’t think I’ve heard of the others)….

    But all three?

    Lets be clear. I never really liked McCain. That video that was floating around a while back that coined the term “F&ck it, McCain” was pretty much how I felt. I’d have much preferred Thompson, or maybe even Ron Paul (though I think his polices are a little overboard at this point in time).

    But McCain, for all his faults, is still better than Obama and Hillary, and seeing those three on his advisory board makes me feel a little less like I need to get drunk in order to pull the lever for him.

    Good, freaking, lord….as I was typing this, a campaign commercial for the Oregon Attorney General came on, and it was a freaking copy of the Mac vs. PC commercials, right down to the music and white background. He better be glad I’m not a resident, because that would have lost him my vote (I freaking HATE those commercials). I just want this freaking election cycle to be over with…getting sick of this shit. [/rant]

  2. *Grumble*

    That did make me do a double take. I just seriously worry about the plight of conservatism if Col. Tigh is elected. If he gets the job, he can claim he did it without a major block of support from what we normally consider the “Core”.

    But, he definitely wouldn’t do as bad of a job as Barrack Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut Obama or Hillary.

    God, why can’t I for once for FOR someone instead of AGAINST?

  3. Looks like a good list to me. Doesn’t make up for McCain’s shortcomings, but I was gonna vote for him anyway. All that list means is that he’s a liberal Republican who has good taste in conservatives.

    America is going to elect a middle-of-the-road candidate. If that candidate is going to surround himself with honest-to-god conservatives, and intelligent ones at that, then it will indeed make me a little more enthusiastic.

  4. This is an awesome list. McCain apparently knows how to delegate, which was my biggest worry- that he would be suckered into various left wing projects due to his ignorance of law or economics. But if he knows about his weak spots and he has our teams best players covering there, we should be in very good shape.

    I feel way better about this election than I did about having to choose between Bush and Kerry.

  5. Maybe now when I pull the lever for McCain, I’ll be able to catch my vomit in my mouth rather than spewing it all over my ballot.

  6. Note that these names are mainly legal conservatives, not social conservatives – shouldn’t upseet those moderates too much either

  7. Well in all honesty, the list is actually quite a bit longer than 6 names. There are about 40+ people on it, half of whom I don’t really recognize.

  8. I kinda wanna vomit sometimes when McCain acts like Pandery McPander but on 2A and judges he’s on the right track.

    I’m in. McCain is the clear choice for those who understand there’s no other choice.

  9. I have to say – I don’t care for all the guy’s politics, but he’s both more electable than most of the other R candidates, and more acceptable than all but possibly one of the D candidates. I would rather have Seen Fred Thompson at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW; but I can live with John McCain.

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