Interesting Theory on Mass Shootings

Could peripheral vision psychosis be responsible for mass shootings?  It sounds pretty far fetched, but I will definitely tell you, when I was in a cubicle situation where I constantly had people walking by, I found myself to be far more on edge than I’ve been in an office, even though my workplace overall stress level has been a lot higher.  Here’s what the it suggests:

When you create the “special circumstances” so that the startle is attempted many times each hour, for several hours daily, and for many days, the subliminal appreciation of threat eventually colors thought and reason.

Of course, I just found it hard to concentrate on work, but having people walking by all day definitely raised the stress level.  Could it drive some people over the edge?

3 thoughts on “Interesting Theory on Mass Shootings”

  1. Me, too.

    I can’t make the connection from “stress” to losing it and shooting everybody. Most people reach a certain point of stress and say “Screw this, it’s Miller time.”

  2. The point you missed is that if you are aware of those walking beside you can’t have Subliminal Distraction exposure. It’s concentration to a level of light dissociation that engages this phenomenon. The victim believes that the onset of paranoia is his or her own thought processes.

    The Finnish National Police just released a photo of Pekka-Eric Auvinen’s bedroom computer. He had a closet door mirror just to his right. As he surfed the Internet and played video games he could subliminally detect his own movement in that mirror. There are five such cases that have similar information. Others had behaviors that might have caused the mental break.

    The most recent was the Virginia Tech shooter.

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