Hearing Postponed

The hearing on the Philadelphia gun control ordinances, originally scheduled for April 28th (today), has been rescheduled for May 19th, when we’ll all be in Louisville.  Apparently the city is trying to make a standing argument.

At an April 17 hearing at which Greenspan granted an order temporarily blocking enforcement of the gun-control laws, the judge said she had misgivings about the organizations’ standing to sue. Generally, organizations cannot file a constitutional challenge without showing how their members are directly harmed by the law in question.

I’m an NRA member.  I have firearms that are illegal under this law that I often transport through the City of Philadelphia.  I am affected.  I know other people who live in the city who will be affected, and are NRA members.  NRA has standing.  Why isn’t that obvious?  Or is it, and they just want NRA off the suit, and are looking for an excuse?

4 thoughts on “Hearing Postponed”

  1. Do you have a link?

    NRA pretty clearly has standing under federal law, not sure about State. Generally they only need to show that a single member will be impacted. I suspect it might be a matter of whether the case is ripe since no one has been arrested yet.

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