Border Patrol To Use Paintballs?

Reports GunPundit.  Throwing rocks is deadly force, depending on the size of the rock.  I agree with Murdoc:

Murdoc’s weapon of choice to “fend off attackers” at the national border would not leave a “small welt.” But I still don’t think the “human rights activists” would like it.

The use of pepperballs probably makes more sense than paintballs either way.

5 Responses to “Border Patrol To Use Paintballs?”

  1. Murdoc says:

    In fairness, they do mention that pepperballs are a possibility. Doesn’t mean the plan makes sense, still.

  2. deadcenter says:

    Not that much sense:

    Note: I’m not defending the actions of illegal aliens trying to cross the border unlawfully. I am saying they need to find a better way for the BP agents to handle the situation rather than arming them with something that isn’t always less than lethal.

  3. Carl in Chicago says:

    I still think the green-tipped M855 ammo classifies as “paint-ball” ammo.

  4. Tom says:

    so now we’ll be hearing about illegals wearing gasmasks and padding, and because of that we’ll have to treat on the public dime more heat related issues as well.


  5. B Smith says:

    Carl: good call!