Australian Gun Ban Had No Effect

So says a University of Sydney study.  No doubt this is going to ruin Rebecca Peters‘ day.

4 Responses to “Australian Gun Ban Had No Effect”

  1. Flash Gordon says:

    I doubt this will have the slightest effect on Rebecca Peters. No one gives up their religion when others question the existence of their god. It only strengthens their commitment.

  2. Harry Schell says:

    A straw in the wind that might influence others.

    Some cannot assimilate information contrary to what they “know”. Peters is a waste of time except to ridicule.

  3. Boyd says:

    Since the authors “hold executive positions in the International Coalition for Women in Shooting and Hunting,” I’m sure that the gun-ban folks will say that affiliation undermines their credibility.

  4. kaveman308 says:

    Patience everybody.

    After the Aussies classify laser pointers as firearms and ban them entirely, then they will reap the benefits of gun control.

    Ya see, banning guns isn’t enough for gun control to work, get it?