Not Bully on Gun Rights

Sorry to see this coming from a professor at my alma mater:

Michael Nutter is a hero for standing up to these bullies. We fully support his actions and continue working to stanch the flow of handguns into Philadelphia. What possible argument can be made against limiting the purchase of a handgun to one per month? The NRA’s “slippery slope” is slippery indeed – with the blood of fallen Philadelphians.

Yeah, because criminals who don’t have any problem committing aggrevated assault and murder will obey a one-gun-per-month law.

4 Responses to “Not Bully on Gun Rights”

  1. BobG says:

    Just goes to show that being educated isn’t always the same thing as being intelligent.

  2. Joe says:

    OGAM laws are pushed by the anti-gun groups because the _only_ way they can be enforced is by registering ever sale with the state.

    Everyone knows that few can afford to buy more than one gun a month or twelve guns a year. Most know of the ATF requirements for notification of 2 sales within a week.

    They want a list of every gun you buy.

  3. Carl in Chicago says:

    Dear Rosemary:

    You said “Michael Nutter is a hero for standing up to these bullies. We fully support his actions…” I understand “we” to include you and the PSR. If so, you just went on record stating that the PSR and all it’s members condone Nutter’s actions.

    Though we might disagree how to limit criminal violence, I admire any sincere efforts to do so. However, I have to ask you a question. Given that the actions of Mayor Nutter and his council were illegal per PA state law, I cannot comprehend how you could support those illegal acts. More generally, can you tell me where the line shall be drawn…which laws can one break and be a hero, and which can one break and be a criminal?

    For example, I work in downtown Chicago. I would very much prefer to carry a concealed handgun during the commute (and at work, for that matter), and I am licensed to do so by the state of Florida. Yet carrying a concealed handgun is prohibited in Illinois and especially Chicago. I know for a fact that carrying a handgun would increase my personal safety, as well as that of my car-pool companions and the citizenry at large. Yet even though I know that carrying a handgun is good for me and those around me (save for those who would perpetrate crimes), I do not carry because it’s illegal. The ban on handguns is both wrong and immoral, yet it’s the law and I obey it. Rather than breaking the law, I am working to bring concealed carry to Illinois. At any rate and in your opinion, I was to break the law (like Nutter) and carry my handgun anyway, would I too be a “hero” for being prepared to stand up to bullies (i.e. criminals)?

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  4. Sebastian says:

    Good one Carl. Let me know if you get a response.