Philly Delaying Vote on Gun Bills

Reader ErnieD e-mails this article talking about the vote:

A package of gun control bills submitted by City Councilman Darrell Clarke will apparently not come up for a vote tomorrow during Council’s weekly session.  Clarke last week said that the city Law Department was reviewing the proposed legislation, which was approved by Council’s Committee on Public Safety.  The legislation, which could have come up for a final vote by Council tomorrow, is being amended today and then held.

The legislation would limit handgun purchases to one a month, require owners to report lost or stolen guns to police, allow police to confiscate guns from people considered a risk to themselves or others, require a license from police to bring a gun into the city, ban semiautomatic weapons with clips that hold more than 10 rounds and establish a registry for ammunition sales.

It should take them about 3 minutes to review this legislation.  It’s illegal under state law and the state constitution.  It’s not that complicated.  I’m wondering if the city is worried about the lawsuits that are sure to come about if they cross this Rubicon.

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  1. 10 round clips? Does it really say that? Because that would be kind of funny to have a 30 round magazine since there’s a distinct difference!

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