More of the Same Pattern

AK-47 on the streets!  Everywhere!  Killing babies, cops and anyone who dares defy them!   Found via Thirdpower, this one is in a more local setting:

And in recent years, law officers across the country have run into people armed with paramilitary rifles. Associated Press recently quoted Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms statistics showing the number of AK-47 rifles linked to criminal incidents of confiscations increased from 1,140 in 1993 to 8,547 nationwide in 2007. The use of these weapons by determined criminals can leave officers outgunned when all they have is a shotgun and handgun.

“The potential is there for us to face it here, too. Criminals do have access to them and do use them,” Griffith said. “We might be called for backup for a state trooper on the interstate and if we’re not prepared as best we can then we’re doing a disservice to the public.”

It’s this is a coordinated media campaign or something.

2 thoughts on “More of the Same Pattern”

  1. I love how those attention-getting adjectives keep changing. Instead of “military-style”, they are now “paramilitary”.

    Plus, I don’t think “paramilitary” can be used that way. It refers to organizations, not tangible objects.

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