Live Sniper Fire

Hillary claimed she was subject to it in Bosnia.  Now she claims she misspoke.  Ahab thinks she’s just lying.  I think so too.  I’m pretty sure if I was ever under live sniper fire, that image would be seared… seared into my memory.

3 Responses to “Live Sniper Fire”

  1. RedneckInNY says:

    The questions I have are:

    Who was firing at her; their side or our side?

    Of course she was lying. Sinbad, who was with her at the time, has no recollection of any such incident. Her husband’s a liar and she’s a liar. I wonder if Chelsea’s a liar, since it all seems to run in the family.

  2. Mike W. says:

    I think if someone were shooting at me I’d have a hard time forgetting it.

    She did not “misspeak” she flat out lied, simple as that. Typical Clinton

  3. What person would let his wife and 16 year old daughter enter a war zone and be exposed to sniper fire? No one would. You think you would remember running from sniper fire. She said it the first time she misspoke in 12 years; that might come back to haunt Hillary “Mount Everest-Not” Clinton.

    There were 4000 armed men, Navy SEALS, Secret Service, 40 tanks, and attack helicopters overhead. As one military man said, “There was nobody coughing the day she showed up”. It is insulting to those protecting her.