Read the Rules First

I went to the club tonight to shoot this month’s e-postal match.  This month I’m shooting scoped rimfire.  I did OK on the bullseye targets, but then I went and counted up the flies, and set aside 20 cartridges.  Oops.  I was only supposed to do 10.  Either way, I got 10 flies with 20 shots.  Maybe when I go back to re-shoot the match following the proper rules, I’ll do better.

Speaking of scoped rimfires, I got a cheapy Chinese made holographic sight for the Mk.III Hunter, and I’m not happy with it.  I think I need to spring for an EOTech.  I’m looking at the Bushnell Holosight, though, which I understand is actually made by EOTech, but marketed by Bushnell for the lower end market.  Anyone know whether they are comparable?  I don’t see any reason to spend the cash for an EOTech when I could get essentially the same thing for less money.

6 Responses to “Read the Rules First”

  1. BC says:

    I own an EOTech, and let me just say it’s worth every penny. I have no experience with the Bushnell, but if it’s just an EOTech with a Bushnell logo, grab it for the lower dollar amount and don’t think twice.

  2. Joe Merchant says:

    Now this was second-hand info, but I’ve been told that the Bushnell is pretty much an EOTech, just not quite as heavily armored and shock-proof. It should be fine for us, but when you start jumping out of Strykers and what not, you’d probably want the more overengineered EOTech,

    FWIW, I’m thinking of picking up the Bushnell, too.

  3. Noel says:

    The size of the EOTech, in my opinion is too large for a rimfire pistol. The Bushnell is significantly smaller, but even smaller similar scopes to consider are the JPoint by JP, Docter Red Dot Sight, or Burris FastFire. I got a JPoint for my BuckMark Hunter and like it.

  4. Egregious Charles says:

    I have a Bushnell holosight; I have heard that the Eotech is a ruggedized version of the Bushnell. My Bushnell was mounted to a .454 Casull rifle (Legacy Puma) by a gunsmith who drilled the holes too deeply in the barrel. The pressure of a shot blew through the little bit of barrel that was left under one screw, blew the screw out of the threads, and fired it through the unthreaded mounting rail into the base of the sight. This ripped the other screw free and shot the sight & rail off the gun to land on gravel 15 feet behind me. The battery compartment came off the sight and the plastic of the compartment broke partially, but after collecting the batteries and reassembling it still worked fine. So I think the Bushnells are rugged enough for most purposes.

  5. The Bushnell and Eotech are excellent sights, but are more suited for rifles than for handguns, in my opinion. For a top end red dot for a handgun, C-More, OKO, and Leupold/Gilmore (tube type) are very good.

    If you are shooting quickly, larger diameter red dot sights will allow you to “Find the dot” more quickly. You still need to get the dot fairly close to the center of the sight, though, for best accuracy, especially close in. If you are shooting slowly, or from a bench rest, small diameter red dot sights will work OK.

    Although not a common choice, I’ve been using 42mm. Simmons red dot sights for several years with good results, and they will fit standard Weaver rails as well as the narrow rails found on .22 rifles. The $33.95 price w/lifetime guarantee isn’t bad, either!

    …… Mr. C.

  6. Sebastian says:

    Thanks for the advice Mr. C.