When they outlaw fire extinguishers …

only out oh hell, when they do that it means society is coming apart at the seams.  The British people need to stand up and take their individuality back from the state, or it’ll be over from them.

2 Responses to “When they outlaw fire extinguishers …”

  1. Linoge says:

    Well, the problem there is just like one that is developing here on the homefront, so far as I can tell – While the government is, no doubt, gobbling up all the power it can (governments do that, after all), the people, the entities which allow the government to exist, are not only allowing it to happen, but demanding that it does so. I mean, if it was the government just gobbling up power for the sake of it, that could be combated. However, what few individualists there may be in England are no doubt being smothered by those who would sooner have the government run their respective lives… and that is orders of magnitude more difficult to fight.

  2. B Smith says:

    Do you suppose that it’s just coincidental that Britain banned guns BEFORE all this nanny-state nonsense like knives, tire-irons, and FIRE EXTINGUISHERS (for f*ck’s sake!!!) were banned? Who knows what other useful implements are now or soon will be banned as well? Power tools, anyone? (better call a contractor for that next home repair) Or perhaps those deadly open-burner stoves? (after all, there are plenty of good, licensed restaurants)
    Perfect—PERFECT example of Why We Need To Keep and Bear Arms. The slippery slope of government control knows no end until the rock-bottom—totalitarianism. Sad to see Britain well on its way.