Quote of the Day

From Clayton:

It does not sound to me like those who are going to vote against us would have felt differently, even if we had used a time machine to bring James Madison into the courtroom to explain our position.

4 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. Linoge says:

    Considering that most of those who disagree with pro-rights individuals seem to lack a basic grasp fo the English language, I think Madison’s statements would only serve to convince them further of their own veracity…

  2. Voolfie says:

    You are entirely correct…those justices who are going to vote against the original meaning of the constitution will do so KNOWING that their interpretation is incorrect, but firm in the belief that THEY are smart enough to change the rules and engineer a ‘better’ U.S.A. These people never concern themselves with the precedent they set – or what will happen when people not-quite-as-smart, or with malicious intent, follow their lead.

  3. DJMoore says:

    There’s an editorial somewhere that explained some of the historical arguments.

    It ended with a line to the effect of “James Madison and George Mason were unavailable for comment.”

  4. JJR says:

    Gura did a good job in difficult circumstances; I don’t think Gura would’ve been able to avoid the MG issue, the justices would have drawn it out of him.

    Referencing the English tradition/Blackstone, the Justices kept harping on the supremacy of Parliament…to which Gura could have answered “yes, over and against the power of the Monarch”.

    The Justices also kept stressing the historical right to keep & bear arms “within the bounds of the law”, etc. which they took to mean as “we can still have ‘reasonable’ gun control and not infringe the right” when what it really means is you can’t use your constitutionally guaranteed firearm to commit heinous crimes against the public and if you do so your RKBA goes out the window, as already established in law.

    Still, I think it will be a win for our side.