Important Illinois Alert

Looks like Larry Suffredin is up to no good again:

Rabid freedom-hating zealot, Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin and the Cook County Board are conducting a telephone poll where callers can voice their opinion on ordinances which would close all gun shops as well as ban and confiscate most firearms owned by citizens of the county.  

The number is 312-603-6400, and you don’t have to be a resident to call.  It’s Option 1, Option 1 and then Option 2.  Bitter and I called the line, and the call dropped first time I tried it.  Give it a try and report in whether you have any problems.  I think it’s important we help out folks in IL, and people like Chucks Gun Shop, who Jesse Jackson and Michael “Snuffy” Pfleger have repeatedly tried to shut down.

5 thoughts on “Important Illinois Alert”

  1. We have our rights and you can’t infringe. They work for the people meaning us.

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