Booze With Bane

Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?  The Outdoor Channel’s Michael Bane will be providing bloggers attending the Second Amendment Blogger Bash with a happy hour.  I have Comcast Cable, so sadly, I don’t get to watch Michael’s show, but for those of you who have cable providers who do not suck, you can catch his show on the Outdoor Channel.

3 thoughts on “Booze With Bane”

  1. Fortunately, it’s more of a location issue than a cable provider thing, since Comcast offers the Outdoor Channel here in Loudoun County. It sucks that they don’t provide it to you “up thar,” though.

  2. What level of Comcast do you have? We have the Outdoor Channel out here in Allegheny County.

  3. I only have Versus available. Comcast isn’t entirely a single company… it’s a collection of cable systems that comcast has gobbled up. Not all comcast is created equal, and my area sucks.

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